Ai automatic identification weighing cash register
I used to think it was easy for others to open a store and make money easily every day, so I made up my mind to start a business and opened a small fruit store, but I didn't expect that I encountered a lot of problems when I first opened. For example, every time you weigh and collect money, it is always very trivial. The unit price of the product is always unrememberable. After a day, the accounts are especially prone to errors. After visiting the experience of other shopkeepers, I chose to add this smart Ai cash register scale to my store. After using it, the smart Ai recognizes all kinds of fruits and vegetables, the recognition speed is fast, the customer shopping experience is good, and the reduction is reduced. Customer queue time. Cashiers do more with half the effort, which greatly improves the efficiency of cashiers.
A complete independent research and development system and product manufacturing system have been established. Products are exported to 28 countries around the world. Products have passed various authoritative certifications such as CCC, CE, FCC, and ROHS.
Perfect independent research and development system
Continuously improve customer value

After the customer chooses the product, the SmartFriend Smart Ai cash register scale can automatically identify the product and take the weight on the cash register scale, and then can perform member facial recognition, and the member's identity can be recognized within 1S after entering the country. The cash register system will automatically recognize the member's identity, and pop up the member's purchase record and other related information. After the member checks out, a small ticket can be automatically issued, and the system can also display the member's current account consumption and balance details. At the same time, corresponding member benefit information is provided. It is very simple and easy to use.

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